Afternoon Workshop 1

Are You an American? Identify Conflicts for Second Generation South Asian American Youth and the Consequent Struggle in Immigrant South Asian Families

Anita McLean, PhD, PsyD
CEUs: 1 Clinical, 1 Cultural Competence


This workshop will address the cultural issues that emerge in the treatment of South Asian families in which the parents are immigrants but the children have grown up in the U.S. It will focus on the particular way that the family unit is defined, the cultural expectations for children, the impact of situating the family in American culture and the potentially devastating clinical impact on adolescents and young adults. The course will focus on identifying the possible cultural clash of values (especially regarding autonomy and independence) between South Asian families and non-South Asian providers that can affect outcomes. The presentation will use clinical case examples.

Learning Objectives

  1. Define common psychological problems faced by South Asian American youth.
  2. Identify the impact of immigration on family dynamics.
  3. Manage one’s own culturally dictated reactions that may arise when working South Asian family systems, in order to promote clinical efficacy.
  4. Develop culturally sensitive and effective ways for addressing familial issues caused by the inter-generational dynamic.

About Anita McLean

Anita McLean, PhD, PsyD teaches psychotherapy and multicultural psychotherapy courses at Rutgers University. She provides training on cultural issues (specifically South Asian populations) for service providers across the state of NJ.

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