Morning Workshop 2

From Haiti to the US: Haitian Culture and Mental Health

Presented by Ghislene Meance, Psy.D.


This workshop will give mental health providers insight into the cultural aspects that impact Haitian clients and their family members. Participants will gain understanding of different Haitian family structures, as well specific help seeking behaviors prevalent in the Haitian community. Specifically, clinicians will learn useful information about behaviors and expectations of Haitian clients when in therapy.

Learning Objectives

Participants will:
1. Increase knowledge about the Haitian culture and challenge existing myths and taboos.
2. Improve ability to provide culturally competent services to Haitian clients.
3. Address specific challenges that have arisen in work with current or past Haitian clients.

Presenter Information

Dr. Meance, a native of Haiti, is the president of The Multicultural Counseling and Testing Center (MCTC) located in Union County, New Jersey. She treats clients of all cultures and is often called to travel abroad and provide culturally sensitive and competent therapeutic interventions as an independent consultant. Dr. Meance is also a journalist and a published author. Most recently, in July, 2013 she contributed a chapter about Vodou Healing in the recently published book: Caribbean Healing Traditions: Implications for Health and Mental Health.

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