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December 15,16, 2020

Is Allyship Enough? The Interconnected System of Oppression and Privilege and the Role of Allies in Social Justice

Presented by: Tawanda Hubbard, MSW, DSW, LCSW

Location: Live-interactive webinar, East Orange, NJ

In our society we continue to bear witness to social injustices and inequities experienced by some at different points of intersectionality resulting in dire circumstances and losses.  Some in our society conclude that we have a “fish problem”—outcomes worst for marginalized people because the difficulty is due to their own shortcomings.  The counterargument is we have a “lake problem”—outcomes are worst for marginalized people because systems and institutions that shape our lives are designed to perpetuate inequities by keeping power, decision-making and control in the hands of the dominant populations.  In this 3-hour webinar we will look closely at the systems of oppression and privilege and how power operates in our society to advantage some at the expense of others.  Discuss the need for professionals and organizations to adopt an anti-racist and anti-oppressive stance in combating social inequities.  Participants will identify where they stand in relation to allyship, explore if allyship is enough, discuss positionality and motivation, difference between ally, accomplice, and co-conspirators, and list strategies to act in solidarity with targeted groups against interconnected systems of oppression and privilege.

Participants will be able to:

  1. Define oppression and privilege and its historical origins and power in operation within our society.
  2. Define structural and institutional discrimination and discuss whiteness as the norm/standard within our society and institutions.
  3. Discuss the need for antiracist and anti-oppressive stance and expanding perspective—embracing human rights lens.
  4. Define what is an ally and what it looks like in practice.
  5. Discuss the difference between ally, accomplice and co-conspirators and role of emotions and motivation.
  6. Identify where they stand in relation to allyship, their positionality and motivation and list strategies to act in solidarity with targeted groups against interconnected systems of oppression and privilege.

Course Level:          ☐ Beginner        ☒ Intermediate       ☐ Advanced

The course is open to social workers, counselors, substance abuse professionals, and other DMHAS licensed agency staff. Course certificates for 5 Cultural Competence CEs is presented upon completion of the course and evaluation. All courses are free. There are no penalties for cancellation.

Registration for this training is closed.



SAVE THE DATE: June 21-22, 2021

Cultural Competency Conference

Presented by: Family Connections and Center For Family Services

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