POCCETS Course 4

Strategic Partnerships and Community Engagement in Mental Health Service Delivery 


This course introduces the concepts of health services integration, strategic partnerships and community engagement as pathways for reducing health disparities by contributing to a continuum of care for consumers. Participants will assess where their agencies are with respect to service integration and detect gaps in the continuum of care. Participants will also explore opportunities and strategies for their agencies to maximize relationships with key stakeholders and identify potential partners that can expand the scope of services they offer.


  • Understand the importance of health services integration, coordination, and collaboration in achieving optimal health outcomes for consumers of mental health services.
  • Conduct an environmental scan of community resources that support health and well-being.
  • Identify new and existing partners from traditional and non-traditional settings that can be included in an expanded prevention, care and treatment network for consumers of mental health services.
  • Learn strategies to engage community members, including consumers and stakeholders, in the design and implementation of mental health services.

Target Audience

Development, Public Relations or other personnel whose responsibilities include community outreach, engagement, or networking. Required attendees include:

  1. Cultural Competence Committee (CCC) Chair (or equivalent)
  2. Quality Assurance/Quality Improvement Director
  3. Development/Public Relations Director (or equivalent)

Additional attendees may include CCC members, senior leadership, and front line staff.

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