POCCETS Course 3

Workforce Diversity: Cross-Cultural Relationships and Conflict Management


This course highlights the importance of hiring diverse staff at all levels of an agency, particularly as this pertains to the provision of culturally responsive mental health services. It will also demonstrate the need for concerted efforts to improve mental health provider and agency skills in working effectively across cultures, implementing CLAS, and achieving mental health equity by presenting guidelines for developing conflict management skills and processes to effectively address issues of conflict that may arise among diverse staff and consumer populations.


  • Understand the importance of a diverse mental health workforce.
  • Learn concrete strategies for developing and maintaining a diverse workforce.
  • Learn how to determine whether cultural factors are contributing to conflict.
  • Identify at least two strategies for managing workplace and/or cross-cultural conflict.
  • Explore guidelines for developing a culturally competent conflict management process.

Target Audience

Human resources and other personnel in a position to manage consumer and/or staff conflict. Required attendees include:

  1. Cultural Competence Committee Chair (or equivalent)
  2. Quality Assurance/Quality Improvement Director
  3. Human Resources Director

Additional attendees may include CCC members and front line staff.

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