POCCETS Course 2

Ongoing Assessment Practices


This interactive online course addresses the importance of conducting organizational cultural competence assessments on a continuous basis. Participants will learn how to use data generated from these assessments to enhance the quality of the services they provide, thereby progressing along the cultural competence continuum. The material presented will help agencies assess their readiness for change across various domains, such as shared awareness for cultural competence, policy alignment, capacity for change, and leadership.


  • Understand the importance of continuous assessment of organizational cultural and linguistic competence in mental health service delivery.
  • Become familiar with methods for obtaining regular feedback regarding the cultural appropriateness and responsiveness of services, such as through satisfaction surveys, focus groups, and key informant interviews with clients and staff.
  • Discuss how to use assessment findings to develop a strategic organizational cultural competence plan.

Target Audience

Personnel responsible for the management and delivery of culturally and linguistically competent programs and services. Required attendees include:

  1. Cultural Competence Committee (CCC) Chair (or equivalent)
  2. Quality Assurance/Quality Improvement Director

Additional attendees may include CCC members, senior leadership and front line staff involved in the agency’s assessment process.

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