POCCETS Course 1

Culturally and Linguistically Appropriate Mental Health Service Delivery


This course will introduce participants to CLAS and other relevant terms essential for understanding how culture impacts the provision of quality mental health services. Participants will be guided in reviewing their agency’s current practices and identifying their cultural and linguistic readiness for change.


  • Understand the concepts and importance of individual and organizational cultural competence.
  • Develop an awareness of the CLAS standards as a framework for achieving organizational cultural competence.
  • Explore how one’s own worldview, values, biases, and assumptions impact relationships with co-workers, clients, and community stakeholders.
  • Identify agency’s cultural and linguistic readiness, current practices and available language resources.
  • Begin strategic organizational cultural and linguistic competence planning by reviewing relevant CLAS policies, procedures, and practices.

Target Audience

All agency personnel. Required attendees include:

  1. Cultural Competence Committee (CCC) Chair (or equivalent)
  2. Quality Assurance/Quality Improvement Director
  3. Executive Director/President/CEO
  4. 1-2 senior leadership members involved in creating and maintaining agency wide policies and procedures (supervisors, managers, directors).

Additional attendees may include other CCC members and front line staff (clinicians, case managers, support personnel, etc.)

Attendees for Course 1 should also attend Course 5.

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